Thanksgiving Wishes

To all of OPM,
As we begin this holiday season by celebrating Thanksgiving, may all of you find peace and tranquility within your homes. Remember to be thankful for the little things that we all take for granted. . . a smile from a child, a wink from a spouse, a shared laugh with a good friend.
And, as the time for thanksgiving is upon us, let me be the first to say how grateful I am to be a part of OPM. This organization is one that will allow many of us to move forward towards attaining our goal of becoming a physician knowing that we have the support of many. Thanks to everyone for making this group what it is!
May you all have a wonderful holiday!

You, too!

Linda ‘n’ all brother and sister geezers,
smile.gif Happy Thanksgiving! smile.gif
At times it’s difficult to remember that each of us here is profoundly privileged…to study, to work, to live as we do. I’m thankful for so much and that includes finding the people on OPMs, who understand the motivations for becoming/being a doctor.
May your turkey be roasted to perfection, may you delight in the company you keep! Have a wonderful, meaningful holiday everyone…