The aftermath


I had the AT form. The physical science was decent although there was one passage I did not finish. I finished that part on all practice exams so I am not sure why I did not finish today. There were about 7 physics passges and only 5 chemitsry. That was a bit disappointing but I am hoping for the best. The verbal was ok too. I never finish this section but did my usual 8 passges and felt quite good about it. Bio was brutal. Too much genetics and very few organic chemistry passages. Very hard exam but my bio is quite strong so I hope I did ok.

hope all of you did ok and the most important thing is that WE ARE DONE.


WOOOHOOO! You finished, and you survived. Go relax, have an adult beverage if that’s your inclination, and celebrate your completion.

Then figure out what you’re going to do with your free evenings now. It’s an odd sensation.

I have never heard anyone come out of the MCAT with the feeling of “I kicked its little MCAT BUTT!” so don’t let any reaction you have to the test and its difficulty add to your worries about the score. Just try to forget it and congratulate yourself for your hard work. Go, you!

I am very proud I survived this, especially English not being my first language. I did feel the physical science went well regardless of that one passage I did not finish. In any case, as you suggested there is no reason to bother with it until the scores are released. I am off to a good dinner.


PHEWWWW!!! It’s actually done!! I agree babi, the Bio section was the toughest I’ve come across, and I did alot of practice MCATs. Way too much genetics and molecular bio stuff. Whereas the Physical Science section didn’t seem as tough as my practice exams. I actually felt decent about that section (well, more like satisfied with my educated guesses) and unsure of the Bio section (which is usually the other way around for me). I was able to complete all of the sections with a couple minutes to spare so I felt good about that. It does go by much quicker than during any practice exam though…that’s probably because I wasn’t as confident about my “guesses” and took more time second guessing myself.

On a side note, I did find it sad that they have to go through such extreme security and anti-cheating measures…which I’m sure is just a reflection of prior and potential cheating that has and/or would occur. Not a comforting thought about the character of our potential doctors!

Anyways! Congratulations to everyone who endured these past months of MCAT craziness! I hope none of us has to go through it again!!