The Crunch of Spring/Summer semesters

Just wondering if anyone else is trying to tough out a science course for the spring/summer. I’m currently taking gchemII. It is compressing 1 full normal semester into 2 months, and it’s been pretty insane lol.

I got a 95 on my first test, but it feels like the work is neverending. I have a part-time project that earn me some cash building a database for a small business as well, so balancing that plus chem provides not a single dull moment. (I realized yesterday evening, that I had not bathed the whole day!)

Thankfully, I have a 2 week break in late August before Fall semester begins.

hey there I’m taking gen. chem II right now with a full time job as well. I took the first chem I last summer term and it was just fine. but this second one is killing me. the teacher is a complete dope unwilling to help and our classes are just 4 weeks instead of 2 months. so wow! it’s been a ride! looking forward to 2 semesters of non-math related chem (Organic) and taking bio along with that. should have most of my pre-reqs out of the way with the exception of Physics by next may. but yeah it’s going to be a year full of science. makes ya wish you would have taken more of them in undergrad… even as electives maybe

Last summer I took the entire year of Gen Chem in 9 weeks and this summer I am finishing up Bio with the same schedule. It’s intense but quick! Over the last school year I had OChem and Physics along with first year Spanish and it felt easier than these summer classes. You can’t miss a minute!