The Dreaded W

I’ve been extremely overwhelmed because of some medical issues this semester, and I ultimately came to a conclusion that it was best for me to take the dread W in place of ending up with a C or worse in several classes.

Did I just shoot myself in the foot? I kept my registration in the one class I’m going well in, but I’m worried I just gave up my dream… I don’t know what it was, in two classes last semester, I got As in both, but between Calc, Gen Chem II, and Evolution, I felt like I could barely keep my head above water. I plan to go back in the fall and/or summer, but I don’t know if 3 W’s is going to be the end of the line for me.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I’ve been so happy doing this, I don’t want to stop, but still less do I want to work my butt off for 2-3 years and end up right back where I started.

Ha! Did the same lousy thing as you this quarter. Why worry? It’s too late now. Nobody here knows in the end how it will affect you. Don’t do it again. Have a really great reason to why it happened. Do awesome on your MCAT. That will be the advice and you still have a shot in the dark at your dream. There is ALWAYS an exception to the rule. You can give up or you can see if you might possibly be that exception.

Before I get into this, I want to preface it by saying that I do appreciate all of the advice I’ve gotten here over the past year. Thanks to an incredibly supported boyfriend and family, I wouldn’t have made it even this far.

But when you make comment like " might have a shot in the dark" it makes my blood boil. I’ve known this was a long shot since I undertook it, but I know that if I go for it and fail, at least I’ll have known I’ve done it. But as supportive of the rest of the forum has been, and that last comment sticks in mt craw something fierce. Because you know what I hear when you say that? “Don’t bother.”

I think what Kimberly was meaning was that the whole addmissions process can sometimes seem like a crapshoot for any applicant with any background, but that you won’t know until you try. I know for me (and probably for all applicants) the process can seem vague and the requirements always changing, sort of like taking a shot in the dark.


Kimberly obviously didn’t mean any offense by what she said; she was trying to be supportive. Of course you knew it is a long shot, and Kimberly knows you knew that. That’s why she said it: “You know this is a long shot, but it works for some people, so why not for you?”

Taking offense where none is intended is even more futile than taking offense where it IS intended. You don’t do yourself any favors by doing so. Accept Kimberly’s advice and encouragement in the spirit it was given. If you just can’t bring yourself to be gracious, then simply say “Thanks” and move on.

I am not a medical student, but I have had a lot of experience with interviewing. If someone does not take criticism well or takes offense at any little thing, I absolutely guarantee that that person will NEVER get back in for a follow-up interview, much less get hired. No way, no how. It’s a death sentence to your dream. I urge you to rethink your attitude and reaction. Being a doctor takes a great deal of humility, so you might as well start now. In any case, alienating people who want to be your friend won’t help you get to where you want to go.

I apologize if this is tough feedback, but I’m trying to be truthful. If you really want to do this thing, you can be successful and have a lot of people cheering you on, but you can’t allow pettiness or ego to get in the way.

For whatever it’s worth before my phone dies on me, I do understand where you’re coming from

And I know the need for sharp critics,being my own

there’s a lot more that I’m going to be able to touch type in the mall food court, because I think I am much more than a misanthrope.

Kimberly, I owe you a very big apology. I thought the ad banner at the bottom of your post was part of the reply, and some of the wording put my teeth on edge. I am extremely embarrassed by and I hope you will accept my apology.

“Don’t do it again” just seems like good life advice.

One of the quotes in my sig file is Julia Child’s “Never apologize.” And it’s a funny thing especially one of the few children of the 70s still raised by Emily Post), but even when I wrong think someone is trying to take that from me, I try to do what Julie said; and don’t orphan your own work by giving someone presumptive idea that you didn’t do your best.

I discovered this site just about a year ago, and even though I’m not knocking on Stanford’s door, I pulled my BCMB about a 3.0 for the first time in years. Now I just need to make up those accursed W. I guess at least they won’t factor into the GPA.

Once again, as I so after tell my boyfriend, bless you talking me off the ledge. The only person is going to stop me from now is me.

No problem Starri.

Wiggy and Spoxjox, you did understand my intention. Thank you for clarifying.

I want to write more, but, am not interested in hijacking this post on why this quarter was so rough. Take care all and keep shooting in the dark. One of us will hit the target!!! Or maybe all of us?! Why not?

Well, Summer School for Statistics and Gen Chem 2 starts tomorrow.

I guess you miss all the shots you don’t take.