The Georgetown Post Bacc program

As several people have asked me about the program, I thought I’d just post something for everyone.
First, there are two separate programs and there is some comnfusion. The post bac, what I did, includes all the undergrad prereqs. The physiology masters includes half of the first year med school classes and some graduate level. The good side of this is that some medical schools accept the credits, the bad side is they expect you to do better than the medical students who are in your classes.
The post bacc program is in flux right now. It is currently part of the summer & continuing education office but the undergrad premed Dean I think is working on changing that. They rotate the actual administration, well, actually advising between the physics, chemistry and biology departments. This means the person whose role is to advise students may not be as familiar with the application process. The good news is that the undergrad dean is very approachable and helpful.
Most of the professors are fantastic – there are a few bad apples who are scary and to be honest if any of you decide to go to GTown, I’d rather not name them in a public forum but email me ( and I’ll tell you. The support I have received has been great and I have always felt the professors were available to answer questions.
All the classes I have taken during the year have been HUGE but smaller in the summer. It could be my personality but if you want a committee letter you need to get to know your professors pretty well because they require three or four letters from GTown people. Even in the largest classes I took, I always got to know my professors.
People asked about housing, I was already in DC so I may not be the best authority. The prices have gone way up in the past few years – Craig’s List, (Capitol Hill newspaper), and the Washington Post are the best places to look for housing. I think GTown has an office that can help find off campus housing but it is important to note that parking is impossible in the area – street parking is hard to find and unless you have a sticker for the area around campus, you will get a ticket if you stay longer than the two hour limit (and if you move your car less than a certain number of blocks or miles, I forget which, they will ticket your car – the rule in DC is that you arenb’t supposed to do that). On campus parking is $10 per hour. Second to that GTown is not near a metro. Metro busses go by (the G2 near the main gate and D6 by the back entrance) or you can take the Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS) from several areas, including the Dupont Circle and Rosslyn stations.
You can take the courses at two other DC schools. AU has a formal program and GW allows you to take classes but, as cfar as I know, neither make you eligible for federal loans, which you can get if you are in the GTown program and is how I paid.
Overall impression: it’s an expensive and very self important school but there is no grade inflation and you will learn a lot. I was always happy to be mistaken for an undergrad but I was also really impressed with the students in my classes. As a DC resident they usually annoyed me – if you turn down a GTown student when he hits on you they don’t take it well – but the science students have been really great.

Good stuff. Made me start to dream about going to a postbacc…however with my wife being fulltime herself that would leave our dogs to pay for the bills.
I’ll just have to take the marathon route and get there in 3-5 years. Depending on how the MCAT and class GPA goes I might apply for the SMP they offer…

Are you in the DC area?

Yep…work in Silver Spring…live in Montgomery County…and still up in the air about taking a postbacc. My wife wants me too and wants me to do it “by any means necessary”…If I take another science course during the Spring I pretty much nullify the chances of getting in. She says that even if I don’t get in to a formal post bacc that I should do an informal FT postbacc…She’s the bestest but now I have the decision to make whether I go FT and quit work and follow my dream or take the marathon route…what to do…what to do…