The Gold Standard (B. Ferdinand)

Hello, all.

I’m looking to embark on independent study for the MCAT, and The Gold Standard by Dr. Brett Ferdinand claims to be a reference that goes over what you need to know for the MCAT and leaves out what you don’t. I’d be very interested in anyone’s feedback regarding or experience with this reference if you’ve used it.

My background:

B.S., Biology, 1993

D.C., 2003 (not practicing - personal decision)

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the areas of science that are required by the MCAT. I did, in fact, take the MCAT in 1994 (think I scored a 27N )

In the interim (since I’ve discontinued chiropractic practice), I have been teaching anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, myology and kinesiology. This experience will serve me well, at least in part.

Although the details of a good deal of the subject material isn’t fresh, a good amount of the material is at least recognizable to me (e.g.: without prior review, I understand what the “triple point” of a substance refers to).

I thank prospective respondents in advance for sharing their experience with this book. I provided some background info to give people an idea of the kind of person who’d be using it.

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While I don’t have answer, I wanted to find out myself if anyone has any opinions on The Gold Standard MCAT also. So, consider this a bump!

Has anyone here used this book/program?

I’m using the DVD’s of The Gold Standard along with Examkrackers MCAT Prep. I enjoy the videos a great deal and find Dr Ferdinand explanations of concepts easy to understand. Unfortunately I didn’t like his MCAT book. It wasn’t thorough enough for me especially since I’ve been out of school for a while. I needed more detail which was a personal preference.

I remember looking around and seeing some info on these books, but then feeling that the positive reviews were suspicious. I have no actual experience with the materials though, so grain of salt.