The IQ Thingie Posted to the List

In case anybody missed it, here’s the url:…ct=http
Sorry that it wrapped and isn’t clickable.
I just did the test thing, and I got 119. This is very close to my ‘official’ score of 124. So this test may have reasonable validity.
What’s interesting is that most MDs and DOs score in the same sort of range I did, above average but not impressively so. I’ve always wondered why.
Comments, anyone?

Does it count if you are tired or what? I scored a 124 and my last was a 136. Not that I really care, because right now the only thing I want is a nice warm bed…I am exhausted. (Kids stayed overnight in a slumber party…)

Funny, I thought there was no way something that short could be accurate, but it actually came within 2 points of my “official” IQ. Nice morale boost!