The MCAT: Does ANYONE ever feel ready?

So, I’m taking the MCAT on April 17th. Since I’m having a baby the following month and my schedule is hectic, I have committed to that date no matter what.

The question is this: has anyone ever felt ready to take this test? Is that even possible? Should I expect that no matter how hard I’ve studied for the past few months and now until the exam that it just not possible to feel ready?

I’d say that it’s pretty legitimate not to feel ready. Unlike any exam you have in school that deal with Chapter 1,2,3, the MCAT requires a substantial amount of knowledge. Add to that the timing that is pretty tight. Plus the verbal reasoning where you are unsure about what to pick. I’d say that your feelings are legit.

Work as much as you can and when you can’t work anymore, then you are ready. Do the best you can.

Good luck.

I think if you ‘feel ready’ you’re not because you don’t fully understand the nature of the test. Good Luck!

Practice several full-length tests in the weeks before.

Well, its over. I took it on Saturday, and it didn’t seem too awful. I felt pretty good about the PS, VR, and writing sections, but the BS section was a little…odd. It was unlike a lot of the studying I had done, but I am hopeful.

I didn’t feel entirely ready, but I felt fairly confident and relaxed. There’s always more that you can do to get ready, I guess. But, at some point, you actually have to go and take the test.

So, I’ve been relaxing for the past few days, enjoying my new found freedom from studying.

Relax, take a deep breath, and celebrate! The worst is over, now you just wait for your scores!

I am curious to how you did??

I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

So, I got a 36T. 11 PS, 12 BS, 13 VR, and T in the writing. I’m very happy. In addition, my baby came a three weeks early (last Tuesday), so I’ve been too busy in the last week to really worry about my score. So, as I sit here holding my newborn and glowing about my score, I’m feeling pretty amazing.

Congratulations on the scores and the new baby!

Awesome!!! Congrats!!

That is way, way cool!

healthy baby, very healthy robust MCAT, and very bright future!

That is way, way cool!

Double congratulations to you! You must be over the moon! Enjoy every moment of it!

Congrats and good job! Enjoy the baby!

Wow, double congratulations!! Excellent.

Wow! that’s awesome. Congrats!

You guys are an inspiration. I am not taking my MCAT until April 2011 but reading these stories and seeing the results fires me up to study hard and focus even this early in the game.

August 3, 2010

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