The MCAT practice test was a wake-up call!

Well, I began my Examkrackers schedule today by taking MCAT 5R.
I could not do the test in one sitting. I did the physical sciences portion, took a 15 minute break, and then did the verbal reasoning section. I came back and did the biological sciences section a few hours later. It was late by the time I did biological sciences so I rushed through it and really did not put alot of effort into it and finished it 25 minutes early.
I scored a 7 on physical sciences, an 8 on verbal reasoning, and a 3 on biological sciences. My score was a whopping 18.
Looks like I have ALOT of work to do!
I would love to hear some stories from people who have taken the MCAT as to what their starting score was before they began studying and what the final score was.
Looks like my journey has begun!

Hey Bob,
Don’t let that first exam discourage you. I did my first practice test in 2 three-hour segments, I think of it like exercise…you have to build up your endurance to sit through 6 hour exam. My first practice exam didn’t go that well either…I had a 21 - Phys. 7, Bio 8, and Verbal 6. But after you start the review and learn the … I hate to use the word “tricks,” more like the strategies of approaching the passages, you will notice a marked improvement. Just a few practice tests later my bio was up to 10 and verbal up to 9 (my Phys. hasn’t changed because Physics and I don’t get along). The improvement is not because I “learned” more material, it’s just that you become more comfortable with the passages, the art of process of elimination, and the strategies of MCAT questions. That’s why I think of all the EK material, the mini-MCAT practice book is the best.
So keep at it…I KNOW your scores will improve! You can join me and my goal…for every practice MCAT (which there will be about 5) I’m aiming at improving each section by one point. I know it’s a little lofty but hey it never hurts to aim high and dream BIG!
Keep in touch!