The New Interns Started Today

Hi folks,
The new interns started today on our service. My residency director gave the usual welcome and asked for comments about our past experiences on rotations. Our administrative chief resident did a little welcome and our Surgery Resident Handbooks were passed out. I even like my photo in this year’s handbook. It was taken after 24-hours of “Hell”. My residency director even make a reference to my nickname for General Surgery Night Float rotation. I call it the 27th level of Hell a reference from Dante’s Inferno.
Tonight, the two folks who start on General Surgery Night Float and Trauma/ Admit will be starting. I am required to be available to answer questions and smooth over the transition. After that, I will be “buns up” in one of the call rooms getting some major sleep. I have to get back on my early morning schedule.
I am happy to be done with internship. My administrative chief reinterated that there are two things that are unforgivable in an intern. 1) Laziness 2) Non-communication. These guys will have plenty of help in the hospital so they should catch on pretty fast. I am totally looking foward to all the stuff to learn this year.
Natalie rolleyes.gif

Congrats on making it through your intern year with flying colors biggrin.gif Those new interns are very fortunate to have such a motivated resident there for them.