The new MCAT in 2015

Just read up extensively on the content of the “new” MCAT in 2015 which is the one I will be taking. Looked at the examples they gave and even without completing my pre-reqs yet, was able to reason my way through to the answer just based on my experience and knowledge of stats. I am pretty excited about the human behavior aspect, as the social sciences are my specialty and I have many an A in that area. Plus I use them EVERY day in my work. I’m sure I have mentioned before that I truly belive my path has been laid out in front of me by an entity greater than me. I find no quirk, or coincidence…it all makes sense to me that THIS is the test I am going to have to take. Can’t wait to see the practice tests for it. Think I just want to take one “cold” now…just to see where I am at and where I need to focus. Thinking about adding Biochem to my pre-reqs as well…it may do me good considering how old my Bio credits are. So excited!!!

I think the new test is a good step in the right direction.