The next step

I applied to become a degree student at Hunter College but my admission was rejected. I want to do the diy post bacc but it’s so much easier if I’m a degree student rather than non degree. I’m not really sure what to do in this situation. If I continue as a non degree, I most likely will not get into the classes I want. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hey, Biscuit23. You are correct, getting into science prereqs at Hunter (or CCNY) is basically impossible as a nondegree student.

I think it would be a more productive use of your time to take classes at some other 4-year CUNY campus this spring (where you may have a shot at registering nondegree) and then reapplying for the fall. I cannot speak specifically to nondegree registration at other schools in particular. York, Medgar Evers, the remote ones, maybe Lehman, should be pretty painless. Even at Brooklyn or Queens College I would not COUNT on nondegree registration these days.

I would be wondering (since you are trying to get into med school, by definition) why they rejected you. Was it just that you applied too late? Is there something on your app of which you are perhaps unaware? Look into that.

Or maybe you just got bounced for applying too close to the deadline. Heck, if it says February 1st, I would have my stuff in by January 1st. (see deadline here)

Good luck!

I kind of hastily put together my app so that may be a reason. Thanks for your advice!