The Post Bacc Option: Second Degrees

Is anyone out there thinking of what to do for a post bacc? This advisor gives pretty decent advice on the topic:

I started a post-bacc, that morphed into a not one, but two, second bachelor’s degrees (i.e. I now have 3 bachelor’s degrees). It was difficult for me to do this; my original intention was to redo the lower division sciences, some of which I did 20 years ago, and to master some upper division coursework. Unfortunately, I only got mediocre grades, so in effect, instead of raising my science GPA, it lowered it. So, I actually ruined any chance I had at getting into a U.S. med school. The good thing to come out of this is that it revealed flaws in how I study and a reading disability that I did not know I had; I am now working on remedying the reading disability, so that maybe it won’t hurt me on the MCAT.

My advice is to just take the basic, mostly lower division courses you need and then apply to med school. If I had done that, I would have a much higher GPA. It was the upper division sciences that hurt me the most.