The Princeton Review 7 book box set - Can I do this alone?

Hello all, I’m a nontraditional student with a BS and MS in exercise science and a background in 8+ years of IP/OP cardiac rehab. I plan on applying to an osteopathic school. I recently purchased the princeton review 7 book box set that came with a full-length online practice test. I took the test and scored a 485 (i have some serious studying to do). This will be my first attempt on ever studying or attempting the MCAT. I’m an active listener to the podcast shows (old school premeds and mcat) and notice that much of the advice given pushes individuals to utilize prep courses. My question is, If i start now, ~ 17 weeks of prep, is it possible to create a home based study program using the box set I purchased and be fully prepared for the MCAT in May? Can I do this alone?


If you are someone that can study individually, you can absolutely create a home based study program. In regards to creating a schedule and anything related to studying for the MCAT, let me know how I can be of help.

I would only recommend the courses if you need help creating a schedule, knowing exactly what to study for the MCAT, and learning some MCAT strategy. I took the PR MCAT course, so let me know if you are considering that.

Please let me know regarding followup questions!


Thank you for the feedback.
I’ve signed up for the Next Step Prep’s free bundle. It allowed me to create a schedule with day to day subject studying. That was exactly what i was looking for. however, it uses NSPs unique study books. I have the princeton review 7 book set. I wonder if i could cross-study/use the princeton review books instead of NSPs books.

Yes, try to study the topics using the PR books that the NS schedule provides for you. For example if NS says to study electrolytic cells, then read up on that in your PR book.

I am actually retaking the MCAT exam on 1/20 and I used NS private tutoring (for strategy), while using both Kaplan and PR books to study content. There can be tons of cross-study going on.