The Spanish Restaurants in Minneapolis Thread

Well, I’m realize this thread may be of interest to exactly 2 people on this board, but I will go ahead anyway. :wink:
Anyway, this is for Efex101. I did want to hijack your Mayo thread anymore than I already have with tidbits of local lore, so I thought I’d start fresh.
I went to La Bodega, the tapas place, the other night. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t perfect either, but the food was more authentic than I was expecting it might be. I think the restaurant is a hybrid Spanish-Italian kind of place. The dinner menu is all Italian, but the Spanish tapas are for real. The gazpacho was not bad. If you’re in the area sometime, I’d say go there! (You could even let me know and we could have a local OPM get together!)
The thing they did not have that I want SO much is horchata. I cannot find the right nuts anywhere to make it myself. Last week I bought oranges imported from Spain though, and that is tiding me over slightly. I just need to go there soon.
Well, that’s all. Don’t freeze this weekend. It’s supposed to be the coldest in 90 years I heard. (At least in International Falls. Maybe not so bad down here I hope…).

Me! Me! Don’t forget me, freezing here at the U. I never post anymore because, well, because I am a lame-o second-year medical student now.
I am so grateful for tunnels and skyways.
Speaking of restaurants, do you know a good sushi place?
Susan - Minneapolis/Chicago

I can’t really add anything to the Minneapolis thread, as I am in Ohio, but wanted to add a little info for all you Spanish food junkies.
Check out Tienda. They import all kinds of stuff from Spain: chorizo, jamon serrano, cafe, turron, paella, arroz . . . You might even be able to find the nuts you are looking for - I think they offer Spanish almonds. They even have some recipes available on their webpage!! I have ordered a few things from them and have never been disappointed. They also run periodic sales on different categories of things.

There used to be a good sushi restaurant in St Paul around the Summit hill area - I think maybe it was around the corner of Selby and Western. But it’s been years since I lived around there so it’s probably gone now. There was also a good Japanese place on Summit Ave.