The third year prayer

Please, sir, have mercy on me. I have five days left in third year and I need to study for my exam in addition to figuring out what is wrong with you. So, please do me a favor and cooperate with the nurses- wash-up so they can change your diaper. I know you had a bath yesterday, but today is a new day and bathing is a good thing, so help us all out and wash up. I truly want to focus on figuring out what is wrong with you and how to fix it, but I can only do that if you help me to spend more time researching your illness instead of having me play referee. So please help me help you
PS- I hope this didn’t offend anyone. Four days to the medicine shelf and counting

Oh my, I SO know that feeling! This last week in FP was a hospital week, and of course we ended up with an unusually heavy load. I was so praying for no new admissions!
Problem-Based Assessment tomorrow at 10:00. Officially a fourth year at 10:30!
(Good luck on the Med exam. I’ve no doubt you’ll do fine).