The Urge is Back Again.....Need Advice Big Time..

I posted on here a while ago and I am back again. I have been comtemplating going to medical school for quite some time now. I ended up talking myself out of it, but those urges are now back again. Plus a friend of mine just started and she thinks I should go for it, since I keep revisiting it. She has a husband and child and so far she is doing well in her first year.
So I am posting again in hopes to get some feedback. I am going to start frequenting the MomMD board again as well. This is my story…
I have an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA in finance. 32 year old African American female, no kids, not married (just some FYI). I have been in the accounting/finance field for about 10 years. I found myself starting to get very unhappy and stressed in corporate america. I went into business because of the money mainly, and I do like number crunching, but it’s just not rewarding for me anymore. I also teach part time (undergraduate/graduate business courses online). I had comtemplated going into medical school or going to get a phd in accounting and going into academia. I figure I have been in the accounting/finance field this long, would i actually be able to transition to something else? Until then I decided to just remain in corporate america to pay my bills even though I am not happy there anymore. Needless to say I have gone through major drama in the past year, including being laid off twice, last year before Thanksgiving and just 2 weeks ago I lost my job again, due to budget cuts and other crap. I am just tired of it. It has caused tremendous stress and put me in debt from not having the income I was used to. I don’t know who they think can possibly live off meager unemployment…but that’s another story.
But anyway… I am tired of just going to work to collect a check and feeling like I am not making any contributions or giving back to anyone. I went to Georgia State (I live in Atlanta) to get some info on taking some post bacc classes. I have absolutely no science or calc classes at all. They gave me a list of what most med schools require, but I couldn’t meet with the advisor since I am on officially a student yet (that’s what I was told). I must admit I am doing a lot of research and weighing all of my options, but I am nervous and scared about taking this step. First of all I will have to do the post baac and since I already have a degree I will probably not be able to receive any type of financial aid right? Which means I will be paying for my classes out of pocket, while still paying off debt from being out of work. Then after taking those classes and hopefully getting good grades I would have to take the MCAT, apply to med school and hope I get in. How would admissions committees look at the fact that I have been in a business field all this time and now I want to be a doctor? Since I have limited volunteer experience I am looking into Emory Universities House Staff Assistance Program to get some volunteer work under my belt. One of my friend’s sisters is a doctor at Grady Hospital and she is going to look into setting me up with a meeting with her. Maybe I can get to shadow her. I am also concerned with going to school full time and being able to survive ( I guess though since I have survived being unemployed I should have some idea right?). I have major student loan debt from grad and undergrad, and I am approx. $60k away from being maxed out on federal stafford loans. From being out of work, twice now, my credit is shot, since I have been paying what I can to get by. I am just thankful I only have my mouth to feed. My plans for now, once I get another position with more income, or a bigger teaching load, is to start paying off my debt. I guess I need that time anyway to get my finances in order while I am taking classes and preparing to apply to med school. I am just concerned about not having perfect credit and being able to finance med school as well. So all of these things are going through my head, again, not to mention, I am 32. By the time I get in med school I will be close to 40. Is that too old to be starting a new career? So as you can see I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet (I once thought I did). Any advice, words of wisdom? I would love to meet others who were in accounting/finance/business who made the transition. Sorry I was so long winded.

I am going through a similar phase, so I understand what your going through. I’m sure that others here will be able to give you some better advice but here is my 2 cents worth.
Make sure that it is your profession and career that are not fulfilling and not just your current position. Would you be happier, fir example, if you had a similar position but for a charity? How about if you worked less hours but used your extra free time to do some volunteer work?
Talk with people and do some shadowing if you can. Try and find out why you want to me a doctor and what is attracting you to it. This will help you decide if it is really what you want to do.
Then save like mad. Reduce your costs, live somehwere cheaper if you can, pay your debts. It is long and expensive to study medicine, so start procticing now.
Good luck.

I read through your post a number of times and my first thought is why medicine? Unless you didn’t want to post it, I am not seeing a desire for a medical career other than the money and job security. I don’t want to offend you with saying this but those reasons really shouldn’t be the core to your desire to become a doctor. Now perhaps you were just wanting some general information and didn’t share here why you want to be a doctor.
If it is what you want to do than your first step is to take the required courses. They are 1 year each of General Biology, Physics, General Chemistry, math, english and Organic Chemistry. Those science courses all have to have labs. And the adcoms do like to see anumber of extra higher level science courses as well such as genetics, micro, physiology, cell bio, etc. As a post bac you can only get loans I think with taking a full load. At least your loan payments stop if you are a full time student. I am not sure what you would be able to work out with the school.
After you take those classes then you will have to take the MCAT. I would say then is the time you can see if you would have a shot at med school. DId you have a great GPA as a undergrad? Are you a great test taker? Those are things to keep in mind before you embark on this long and difficult journey.
I started undergrad at 31 years old. I will be starting med school this fall at 38, so it can be done. As you can tell from this forum, age isn’t a problem at a lot of schools. The adcoms wouldn’t look down at your decision to change careers later in life, but they will want to know why. I have been asked about career change from freelance photographer to medicine at every interview. Be prepare to tell why.
Volunteer time is crucial, especially clincial experiances. Free health clinics are a great place to volunteer. Shadowing is a great way to find out a behind the scenes look at a doctors life.
I don’t know if I helped you out here with what I have written. I do encourage you to follow your heart in whatever you deceide to do. And I wish you the best of luck.