Things are getting real :-)

Three weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if being a doctor was perfect or not. Now I’m becoming obsessed during every waking and sleeping moment, haha. Anyway, I am officially admitted to my 2nd bach program, meeting with my bio department head to discuss adviser placement on Oct. 12, and doing volunteer orientation at the hospital on Oct. 19. Ooh, and the hospital said they’ll help me coordinate shadowing with doctors in a wide variety of specialties, too. They were super pumped to have a serious non-trad because they get a lot of flakey high school volunteers who quit after a month. Their enthusiasm made up for the bio advising secretary’s distaste for my chosen path - take that, scheduling troll :slight_smile: Talk about an awesome week!

Now it’s time to hit the pre-cal books so calculus won’t be as big of a shock after 8 years of no math…

Obsession…yep, sounds about right. That’s how it starts!

Welcome aboard! There are bound to be a few bumps in this long road, keep your eye on the prize and don’t let anything discourage you.

Best wishes,


That sounds awesome. Try Khan Academy to brush up on math, it’s amazing.

Looking forward to hearing about the different shadowing/volunteering experiences you get into.



Dan, I definitely expect bumps, especially when we start trying for a second kid before the glide year. But I’m so excited!

Pixie, thanks! I have no idea what area of medicine I’m interested in (other than something with a primary care component - doesn’t have to be all primary care and a small handful of things I know I don’t want to do) so the shadowing is probably the part I’m most excited for!

Oh, and the Khan Academy thing is great!