Things I Am Happy About

Hello. I sent the following e-mail to my family & friends & my boyfriend, James, this morning. I just thought I would share with the OPM community. Feel free to post things YOU are happy about.
Dear Family & Friends,
Since today is the 2-year anniversary of Sept. 11th, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on our past. … O.k. moment over. I’m very fortunate to have family and friends like you! We are all lucky to be alive, happy, and healthy.
I’m also including some specific random things I’m happy about in no particular order.
My sister, Paige, just started her Master’s of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania.
My friend, Amy, just got married.
My stepbrother, Lane, is engaged.
James & I are still together.
Dad & Mom #2 just took a 2-week vacation to vist Lane, Paige, and myself.
Mom & Peter went to Mali (Africa) for 2 weeks.
Pop-pop is 99 years old and healthy and well. Ditto for everyone else.
I have a new direction in life and am pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor.
We had a very exciting opening game last night in volleyball.
I was really busy (volunteering) at the hospital last week. Many new babies are born at the hospital each week. Many sick people recover and get to leave the hospital each week, and I get to wheel them out.
I’m learning PreCalculus.
The weather has been wonderful–cool and crisp. The leaves will soon turn.
My alma mater, Ohio University, has a milestone birthday next week: 200 years old.
I have a job.
I have the basics: food, clothing, shelter, and love from family & friends.
I’m sending out sappy e-mails like this one. wink.gifwink.gif

Nice post Stacy,
It's easy to focus on the negative things in life and I think it is good to look at the other side and usually (at least in my experience) I realize that I have it pretty darm good.

Thanks Stacy. There's a time and place for everything, including sappy posts.

This came at a great time for me, when I was having a lot of things going on, so I too, will focus on the good:
My husband and I are employed during this time of companies folding and people losing their jobs;
I have 3 happy, healthy, intelligent kids;
I have a place to live and a car to drive;
I’m out of pain after months, after finding out I have a loose kneecap and getting it taken care of;
I have successfully completed four years of undergraduate education and will graduate in December;
My mother, 59 and recently near death with CHF, recovered and is doing much better;
The weather has left the 100s and is in the 70s here in Texas!!!
I could probably think of more, and I think I will do this every day from now on smile.gif