Things I have figured out.

During my application process I reached several thought provoking conclusions:

  1. As an older nontrad–you will most likely be asked about how you will handle being told what to do by folks much younger than yourself. (This happened everywhere).

  2. There is no way to predict which schools will be interested in you. I received interviews at great schools and then nothing from schools I expected to be safe bets.

  3. Being positive and upbeat during interviews does make a difference–I have been told this by my interviewers.

  4. Letting officials know that you prefer their school above all others can be a deciding factor.

  5. Having taken the MCAT prematurely the first time–I learned that nobody but the wife, mom, the cat, dog, and parrot love you when you do not have the numbers. The schools that welcomed me this year did not phone the year before. (Which makes this even more wonderful!)

  6. That the more traditional fellow applicants are much less sure of themselves and their purpose. Use this to your advantage by demonstrating the confidence and wisdom that befits your station in life.

  7. That people have different well springs of strength. I happen to be very personable. You might be introverted and bookish. During interviews be passionate in your way.

  8. Finally, do not leave anything for the way back. There are no regrets when you give all of yourself to this purpose. Be devoted or be gone.

    Hope this helps!!! Good Luck!!!

I’m just beginning this journey and I am very happy to have found this site because of posts like this. Thank you for the advise!

Since I don’t think this board has a “saved thread” feature, this post has gone into my little side bookmark of “posts worth coming back to.”


Adam, just fyi if you scroll to the very bottom you should see a link “Add to Favorite Topics” which perhaps is what you’re talking about.

haha, thanks Terry. Turns out I never look that far down… I’m still keeping my bookmarks, though