Thinking of Linda today

Hey, Linda! Just wanted you to know that we’re thinking of you today. I know you’ll do great with your surgery. I’m sending all of my positive energy your way. Please let us know how everything goes when you’re up to it.

Linda -
I’m glad Jane posted this - I was thinking about you the other day too. I noticed that you hadn’t posted in awhile and was hoping that everything was going well with you.
I hope your surgeries went well.

Has anyone heard from Linda yet? I have been thinking of her too.

I haven’t. Dave? I don’t want to call her home if she’s not up to talking. If anyone hears, can you please let us know? Thanks.

I had sent Linda a PM prior to her surgery and she did reply Friday evening to say she was home, recuperating as well as could be expected but felt like she’d “been run over by a truck.” She sounded extremely upbeat. I know that everyone’s thoughts and prayers have helped her tremendously.
Mary R.

Excellent! I was just about to the point of calling her myself. Glad to know that someone has heard from her & she is home. I hope the anesthesia doc treated her very well! If not, I will be on a plane with my stick!

I’m home everyone. Doing okay, I think. A lot of pain remaining, no appetite at all (that goes along with no BM since Monday) and a little ileus, but I’ll be okay.
The surgery went well. According to my doctor (Lori), the malignancy appeared to be within the uterus. It was slightly more than halfway through the uterine wall, but they did not see any sign of it having spread. However, it was a very aggressive endometrial cancer, with a tumor about 5X5X3 cm, which is really pretty large. The general surgeon took lymph nodes, both paraaortic and inguinal, and the pathology came back okay, as did the pathology on the abdominal washings.
So, now its time to heal. Still have a Jackson Pratt drain in place, and am still seeing about 200 mL of drainage daily, mostly serosanguinous. Having a little problem with anemia and a low platelet count, but they will resolve with time. See Lori on Wednesday to hopefully get the staples out and the drain removed.
See the oncologist this Thursday to decide whether or not to do some prophylactic radiation therapy, just in case a little cell might have gotten away in there somewhere!
For now, I am extremely tired. But that’s okay. I’m just going back and rest some more. Please, if you feel like giving me a call, I love hearing from friends, and I think of you all as friends. If you don’t have my number, just email me at and I’ll be glad to send it.
Thank you all for your continued support. You have no idea just how much it has meant to me!
P.S. Dave, the anesthesiologists treated me okay, but the anesthesia? ? ? Well, that’s another story. I literally threw up repeatedly from immediately after surgery (about 11 a.m. Tuesday) to almost 4 a.m. Wednesday. Everything from Zofran to phenergan to compazine . . . . Oh, well. . .

It is great to hear from you. We are all relieved to hear that there was no spread and that your spirits are up. You are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Your perseverence is an inspiration for all of us.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

Linda! It’s great to hear from you! I wanted to call but have been down and out with some nasty bronchial something or other. I might have to stay home today. It’s sad, but it’s my first day in the MICU and I would hate to be coughing a lung out around all of those desperately ill people. I’m waiting to hear back from my attending to see if I can take the day and go get started on some ABx to finally kick this thing. Last year I got pneumonia twice and I feel like it’s headed that way again. Shoot! Linda, if I get today off I’ll give you a call and catch up.

Hey Linda,
It’s great to hear from you! So the anesleez folks made you sick. I know the feeling. For me, they just give me compazine before and I am OK after. I remember trying to hurl and I had not eaten anything except crackers. Well, it was quite ugly and I haven’t eaten a cracker since.
Glad to hear about the good path reports. Even with the ileus, it sounds like your surgery went very well. Since you brought your drain home with you, you should give it a name.
I will give you a buzz and catch you up.

Good luck with your recovery, Linda!

I hope that you’re feeling fine today. Have you gotton the drain out? I would love to be able to call and talk to you…but being in the UK, I don’t have the funds. Still, I want you to know that I’m thinking about you and praying for you.

I am glad to hear that things are going well. Have a quick recovery,and get back to things you enjoy.