Thinking whether I should apply to medical schools next upcoming cycle

Hello everyone! I’m an international premed student. Non-traditional and currently taking post bacc classes part-time while working full-time at a health center as an analyst. I completed my bachelor’s in computer engineering from outside the United States with a 4.0 GPA but completed my master’s from a T10 university here in the States in Health Science Informatics with a 3.8 GPA. I’m planning to apply to medical schools in June 2022. Also planning to take the MCAT in May 2022 and hopefully I can score 510+.

My questions are as follows. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

  1. As far as the Prereqs go, I would have completed general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology by the time I apply in June 2022. However, physics, psych, and sociology will take another semester or two to complete but I should be able to complete them before matriculation. Would this negativity affect my application?
  2. I will have around 120 hours of clinical volunteering experience by the time I apply. I have to work full time in a field related to my master’s to maintain my visa status and hence it’s been hard getting more clinical experience especially due to covid. I know 120 hours is pretty average or even low for some schools. Would it be okay If I apply this upcoming cycle?

I’m in a similar boat!! I’m wondering if it makes sense to take the mcat with no physics but with bio, chem and organic chem under my belt. I heard you need biochem and physics to be fully prepared. What are your thoughts? I’m non trad working full time non related degree :slight_smile: only difference between us is I’m not international. I wanna get mcat over with! But don’t want to be underprepared and have to retake

January cycles are easier to get into in the carribeans.