Third year clerkships question

Has anyone gone to a med school that has Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships for their 3rd year? egrate…

My school is looking for volunteers to pilot this model, so I’d love to hear about others’ experiences. Thanks!

I didn’t go to med school under this model so I can’t answer to the personal experience, but Medical College of Georgia piloted a longitudinal curriculum at our Northwest clinical campus last year. They had 7 students doing their 3rd year clerkships (now in their 4th year), and I think this year there are 10 more students. From what I hear it’s been successful and gaining in popularity among students interested in primary care. The clerkship program is associated with a family medicine residency program, which made the implementation and logistics easier.

It’s a relatively small cohort of students compared to 200+ students going through the traditional clerkship model, so any kind of analysis comparing their performance is probably several years off. However, just looking at their shelf exam scores for all rotations there are no glaring discrepancies.

Here’s the link to contact the program: