Those were the days

I happened to be flipping through the channels and caught an episode of “The Cosby Show.” Great show. But what made me bust out laughing was when Vanessa spilled milk on one of Theo’s college textbooks, to which Theo responded, “Vanessa, I paid $29 for that book!!!” Oh if only going to the bookstore now would be so nice…I don’t even know if you can get a notebook for $29 anymore.
(Only four more weeks until I get to spend another $450 on books–yippee!!)

Oh, how funny.

That is a blast from the past. But on a little more serious note. This past summer, the book for my class at the book stpre cost $125. I went on line and found the same book for $45 and I received it one week into the class.
Once I get my syllabus or even go to the book store to get the ISBN for the book, online I go.

Is there any one bookstore that seems to offer better deals and have the books available? Does Amazon usually offer anything of worth in terms of text books?

I usually check Amazon and Over the past couple of quarters, I have probably split my book buying 50/50 between the two. I usually scout both sites for the best deal that offers expedited shipping, since time is usually an issue. Of course, I have had some non-expedited orders arrive quicker than expedited, so it just depends on who is doing the shipping.

I had a nifty trick for ording textbooks online while not having to worry about receiving them by the time class started.
Most college bookstores have return policies (sometimes they vary depending on how many weeks into the semester you are). If you can’t get the name of the textbook ahead of time, simply purchase it at the bookstore, keep it in immaculate condition while you try to find it cheaper online, then return the original to the bookstore.
Of course you really want to make sure that you are able to return in for 100% refund. Another thing about purchasing used lab workbooks, sometimes sellers do not mention that they have removed worksheets for their assignments!
I know this may not be the most kosher way to save on textbooks, but hey look at the corner we’re backed into. Now some bookstores are only selling textbooks and solutions manual TOGETHER in one plastic wrapped set so once its open its non-refundable.
Any other tips for saving on textbooks? Has anyone tried ordering foreign editions which are supposedly much cheaper?

Try Walmart Online. They have a medical book section that you can order just about anything via ISBN. My friend who went to Columbia University for a Nurse Practioner Masters Degree swears by it. She says it is cheaper than amazon

I just paid $525 for 3 classes! Biology 111, Chemistry 111, and PreCalculus. Granted I bought them at the campus bookstore, which may not be the cheapest option, but I will have to check, etc. when I get a chance. Gotta go as the library closes soon and my internet at home is not hooked up yet.

I just got my sticker shocked today, with just General Bio w/Lab and General Chem w/Lab, it would run me approximately $500 Dollars! When I checked on Amazon and Walmart, either the bools weren’t there, didn’t have in stock, or minimal savings.
My original freshman year, I am sure I spent no more that $100 on text books. 4 years later in PA school, I know I spent over $100 on my Gross Anatomy course alone.
BTW, the campus bookstore by me is run by a large chain (Follet) that has all the texts by course online ( This has allowed me to easily look up the books and cutv and paste directly into Other bookstores may do the same.

My school has a website where students sell their textbooks to other students, providing that the textbook has not changed. I have also seen students posting their books for sale in common areas around the chem and bio dept.'s This has saved me a lot of money.