Thoughts on Calculus!?

Hi everyone,

I am taking Calculus now and Friday is the drop date without getting a W. I am serioulsy considering dropping. I have never really enjoyed math, but managed to get B’s (last class Pre-Calc/Trig). This Calculus class is confusing, tough, and frankly I am just so uninterested in the material that I have a really hard time applying myself. I have a 3.7 GPA and really don’t want to risk a W by pulling out of Calc too late…or risk anything less than a B. My question is, how bad do I need this class? It seems to me that most of the schools (at least on the West Coast) say “one year college math” and Stats meets a portion. Any thoughts on this?

I don’t know about the west coast. I know half of the schools I am applying to require calc though.

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You need only single variable calc for med schools, not multi. And I don’t know of any med school which requires calc-based physics FWIW.



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Also, you will not find a use for it on the MCAT.