Three down, one to go!

I just took the last shelf exam of my third year. I’m a fourth year now! Yippie!
Three down, four (counting residency) to go.
Take care,
Jeff Jarvis

Whooop! Enjoy it, Jeff! Fourth year is just plain FUN. And most of your Saturdays and Sundays this fall will be free for football too - pretty good deal.

Hey Jeff,
I loved my fourth year. Fourth year is the best year of medical school especially when you reach the point that you only have to show up and get your diploma. Boy is that a great feeling.
I took electives that would make me a great intern. I took Radiology, Gastroenterology, Gerontology, Trauma Surgery and Cardiovascular Anesthesia. I didn’t take any ICU stuff since I had been a Critical Care RT. Believe it or not, the respiratory stuff is the most difficult stuff for my fellow residents to understand. I can’t tell you how many folks look at me puzzled when I order a oscillator in the Surgical Trauma ICU. (High frequency ventilation is not a rescue mode for me).
I also developed my “style” of medical practice during my fourth year. If the interns on medicine had eight patients, I carried eight patients even though my colleagues from GW refused to carry more than four. It made me a more resident because I already knew how to multi-task. It was all good.
Enjoy fourth year and get your residency stuff done early. I had my CV, personal statement and LORs all done by this point. As soon as you can get on the ERAS site, start loading the stuff. You should also have a list of residency program that interest you at this point too.

Congrats Jeff! Must be a great feeling. Enjoy your 4th year.