time limit before retaking pre-reqs?

does anyone know how much time needs to have elapsed between taking prereq classes in college and having to retake them again if interested in med school?

does the rules vary by med school?

also if one has graduate school credit…do those classes count? or does one HAVE to have taken undergrad biochem…within a certain number of years…does this make sense?

The answer is “it depends.” It depends on the med school, the time frame, and the course. Some med schools will say that they want your prereqs to be less than X years old - although it will be hard to find this statement intheir materials. Some won’t care about some prereqs - for example, calculus and physics haven’t changed much, but biology is a rapidly-evolving field and courses in biology ought to be pretty up-to-date.

You’ll have to ask the schools very specific questions about this, good luck!


I agree with Mary you will have to ask the ADCOMs people.

I took Bio 12 years & Anatomy 11 years before I started med school and never had to retake it.

So, how long has it been.

Rachel Yealy, DO

6 years at the University of MN. They also require 50% of your pre-reqs need to be have taken at a US institution irrespective of your graduate work.

Morning Everyone, I am new here and taking a second go at Medicine. I was fortunate enough to get into Jefferson 9 years ago and made it through 2 1/2 years before my life derailed my dream.

At 36 (on Monday), I am hoping to get on my way as quickly as possible. My pre-med and science coursework was completed back in 98 and was my strongest. I would rather not have to retake any prereq’s since I majored in Biochem and have some graduate work in Biomedical Chem as well. has anyone encountered any negative feedback from schools as a result of this.

I am confident I will excel at the MCAT, scoring a 35 in 1996 or 97.

Every day I feel the pain of not accomplishing my lifelong dream. Any information on this is much appreciated. and feel free to ask me qanything from my past success at getting in.