Timing of Pre-Reqs

I have heard many on these posts give the advice of “taking one’s time” and not to rush but rather get good grades. I am taking my pre-reqs at a CC (cost & location factors). Since I have a family and work full time I am taking one course at a time, so far. Will med schools look down on this? Will I need to prove my ability by taking two courses at once? I have an undergrad with a 3.45 and an MBA with a 3.87. Thanks to all who answer. Am making plans for Washington DC! Whoo Hoo!

AdComs do want to see that you can handle a full time load and there have been posts from much more voluble members than I. I can always recommend that you contact the school you’re interested in attending and explain your situation.

I’m currently in the Columbia Post-Bacc program, and I was told by the advisors that medical schools do indeed look to see if you can handle two courses at once (which is why they insist on their students taking Orgo and Bio at the same time, which I’m not looking forward to.) You could always contact the medical schools you’re considering and see what their individual policies dictate; they might take external factors like family and working full time into account.

Taking a full load may also be a good way to prove to yourself, if needed, that you can handle a full-time science load. For me, it has been different taking a full-time science load versus the undergrad and masters work I did before. Handling the intensive Chem I and II in the summer with calculus has given me even more motivation. Good luck with your studies!