tipping - but not restaurant

I’m having something delivered via freight/trucking company. it will be 3 or 4 pieces, a total of 300+ pounds. The freight charges cover “delivery curbside” which means it is my problem to get from the curb to my door (and inside my door for that matter).
question 1: if the driver just does the necessary and drops these off “at the curb” - do I tip him/her and if so - what amount is reasonable?
question 2: if I persuade the driver to wheel the cartons to my door - no steps, no stairs, no curbs (there is a banked/handicapped curb) - what would be an appropriate tip in that case - maybe 20-30 yards of smooth rolling (sidewalk)
any suggestions?

Hi LisaS,
Good question! If we have to pay a delivery charge in the first place (such as over $50) then if nothing more than what is stipulated in the delivery contract is performed, we don’t usually tip. However, if the individual who is working for the delivery company goes above and beyond, then we tip.
Recently we ordered a large double door that we would be installing ourselves (well, my husband and help from a neighbor… no lifting allowed for me). When the young driver/delivery man arrived and saw that all my husband (who is likely twice in age) had for help beyond the curb was me then he offered to help bring it to the side of the house. The young man was more than happy to oblige. So, it that case we tipped him probably $20 or so. Taking the door to the side of the house required the work of 2 men so my husband got a tip, too! biggrin.gif
So, in answer to your question, if you have already paid for delivery and get no extra assistance, then tipping is likely not indicated. Others may feel differently, however. Sometimes you become aware that your delivery charge ends up getting split more in favor of the vendor and not the actual delivery agent and so in those cases we sometimes tip. However, it is often difficult to ascertain the actual arrangements between the vendor and those who perform the delivery service. Hope that this has helped some.

thank you for responding
- in my case the freight is pre-paid (actually it was no charge to me from the vendor) to the curb - and I'll try to convince her/him to bring to my door for a little extra $ ($20 sounds about right to me too)
thanks again -