Tips for getting into USUHS

Anyone have any tips for getting into USUHS? How hard is it to get into with no military experience?

Hi! I’m a current enlisted member who has extensive experience with students at USUHS. If you take a peek at the demographics, most students have no military experience! You’ll also notice that this particular school has a higher percentage of prior military than the average school but that doesn’t mean preference is given to them, rather more prior military apply there! So apply away!

Have you heard about the job cuts of about 17,000 medical related jobs? Do you have any idea how USUHS is going to deal with it?

Yes so I’m currently an xray tech and I have a job that they are also planning on cutting. The basis of this decision is that military medicine’s primary duty is medicine down range. So some residencies may not be available later on because it’s not a deployable field. I typically recommend military medicine for those who are interested in general surgery, EM, and adult primary care. Also keep in mind that the military cannot force you to do a residency but they can deny a residency.

thank you very much! I have been trying to find answers for so long and you have given them to me!

I’m glad I could help!