TMDSAS, and have a pre-req timeline question

So, I’ve got a timeline question. For a short background, I took first semester physics and gen-chem through Harvard’s extension school in 2009, but didn’t do great, so I’m doing the whole sequence again.

Also, Texas schools require 6 hours of upper-division biology, which is why I’m asking this question about a possible timeline:

Fall - Spring '12-'13

Gen Chem 1

Physics 1

Summer '13

Bio 1 and 2

Fall-Spring '14

Orgo 1

Upper-Division Bio 1

Orgo 2

Upper-Division Bio 2

Then to take the MCAT end of April, beginning of May.

The reason I’m thinking this is because my school offers no upper division courses in the summer, and if I took all the Intro courses during the “long semesters” I’d be applying with none of those 6 upper-division Biology hours on my transcript. If that makes any sense. :-p

So, should I take Intro Bio during the summer so I can get those extra upper-division classes on my transcript, or would I be better served to take the Intro courses during the long-semester Falls and Springs, put the upper-division Biology courses down as “planned for next year” on my transcript and hope they’ll assume I’m going to make A’s?

Thanks for any advice!

Likely taking the summer intro bio is OK, but what is your background to this DIY postbacc.

It’s a bit convoluted. I completed a BA in English in 2006 and an MS in Child / Youth Development from Texas A&M University in December, 2009. I realized I wanted to be a physician, so I began taking classes at Harvard Extension in Fall, 2009 (while finishing my thesis through email, in absentia). I had some medical and family issues that probably contributed to my grades being low; but mostly, I don’t feel I really gave it my best shot (made a C in Chem and a C- in Physics). I decided that medical school was not in my future, and came back to Texas, where I began working as a researcher in the Pediatric Psychology lab at my previous university. However, I have realized that psychology, while medically-related, is not fulfilling the goals I have set out for myself. Medicine is what I want to do with my life. I am ready for this now, where I was not before. I am focused, and I am not going to repeat my previous mistakes.

As far as grades and such go, I am utilizing Texas’ Academic Fresh Start program, which will raise my GPA to a 3.75.