I saw online that my application was sent out on the 6th. Does anyone know when I can start expecting to hear from the schools? (good or bad news!) I know that match day is February 1st, so I'm thinking that I should be hearing very soon if anyone is planning to invite me for an interview! Anyone who's been through the process in Texas, please let me know!!

Kathy, congrats on getting the app sent out! Expect it to take a few weeks at least to hear from the schools. Most of them have started sending out invites (except UTSW) but they do interviews until Dec/Jan. Don't worry if you are later than some of the other students in the process. We all get thrown in the pot in late Jan. for the match.
Good luck and let me know when you have interviews. I've got several this month and I will be happy to give you info about them!

Thanks for letting me know. I didn't realize that I am late!! I know they always tell you to get the app out as soon as you can, but I thought I was doing pretty good!! Anyway, I will let you know if I hear anything. Where do you have interviews?

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that you are late! ohmy.gif I was thinking of some folks on SDN who are upset that some people are getting interviews while they are just finishing their apps. Sorry about that!
TCOM -last week
UTMB 8/22
UTSA 8/25
UTH 8/26
Bayor 9/5

Well its September 7th, and no interviews sad.gif sad.gif I think this is not a good sign.

QUOTE (Kahkeetsee @ Sep 7 2003, 09:32 AM)
Well its September 7th, and no interviews sad.gif sad.gif I think this is not a good sign.

Hi Kathy,
The waiting is the hardest part of the whole medical school admissions process. You have to TRY very hard not to read anthing into the time that it takes to go through the process. It is still pretty early and once things start to move, they move. You only need one acceptance and if that acceptance comes late, it is just as good. Some people are going to interview earlier and some later but don't read anything into the timing. If you are not hold rejection letters from every school, you are still in the running.
Try to put some focus on Plan B. I know it is difficult but the more elaborate your Plan B, the greater your chances of acceptance. Make your Plan B as detailed as possible. Set some specific goals. Before you know it, you will have an invitation to interview and an acceptance in hand.
You are going to make a great physician! Keep that thought in mind and use it to spur you to on. Look the part, act the part so that when your interview invite comes, you have the confidence to go in there and nail it. They are just saving the best for last anyway. smile.gif

I like what Natalie had to say! It’s absolutely true that you can’t read anything into the timing of interviews. During our information sessions at the interviews we were told that many of the students taking us on tours, etc, interviewed really late in the season and that it didn’t affect their chances at getting in. Likewise, we couldn’t expect acceptance just 'cus we turned in our apps earlier than others.
Hang in there, and like Natalie said, figure out your plan and start pursuing it. It will keep you busy and make you a better applicant. During my interviews I was asked what I was doing during the application year. The fact that I’m still volunteering seemed to be a definite plus to the interviewers. It shows I wasn’t just doing it to get the magic “clinical experience” portion of my app filled. wink.gif
My son asked me to send you the Ninja guy. ph34r.gif wink.gif It’s for good luck.

Theresa and Nat,
Thanks again for your sane words. Needless to say, my small reserve of self-confidence is showing in this matter! <!–emo&<_dry.gif Well, as far as Plan B, I’m still in school, so right now i really need to be concentrating on my Biochem blink.gif I’m also working 36 hours a week in September (the other nurse is on vacation) and still volunteering with my local AED chapter at UTD. It seems that I am also hosting a BBQ for 12 people today, so I guess I’m booked for the moment! Any advice on continuing Plan B? I graduate (undergrad degree) in December. I took the MCAT in April and retook in August. It seems that the Spring would not be enough time to do anything to improve my app if not accepted this year.
Kathy blink.gif ohmy.gif huh.gif (that’s how it is now!)

ahhh, if you retook the MCAT in August the schools may be waiting to see your new scores! That could very well explain any holdup.
Sounds like your life is plenty busy right now, no need to add anything! wink.gif