To be verified and complete?

Hi Guys

I know I am going to sound weird, but although I keep reading about being verified and complete I just don’t understand what that means.

So what are school verifying exactly? If you actually took the class on the transcript or the grade? It seems pretty hard to cheat with that stuff.

And being complete, does it mean that you were verified (if so, why two different words)???

I hate to feel ignorant when I read these words.

Thanks for your help.

I hope I answer this correctly - someone else correct me if I’m wrong. “Verification” is what AMCAS does. All they do is compare the transcripts you’ve submitted to them with the courses/grades you’ve entered in the AMCAS application. I believe this is done because med schools do not receive your transcripts - they just get the “verified” application from AMCAS, so this is obviously a way to make sure no one is cheating when they enter their grades.

“Completion” is a function of the individual med schools. Once AMCAS “verifies” the app, they send it to the schools you have specified. Each school will mark your file “complete” once they have received everything they need from you - AMCAS app, LORs, secondaries, etc. Only after the school has marked you “complete” will they review your app.


thanx a lot. Things are clearer now. So you can be verified but not necessarily complete (if LORs and MCAT score is not in).

It makes more sense. I thought they were actually calling schools to check if you took the classes or something like that.

Anyway, thanks a lot.

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So what are school verifying exactly? If you actually took the class on the transcript or the grade? It seems pretty hard to cheat with that stuff.

It is. But I bet we would be amazed at how many idiots try to get around it every year. I can think of about 5 "traditional" students in my current class who would do something like this.

In some cases they do check with the schools directly. I had to provided them with a contact name at a university here in Ontario where I completed my MBA because they were unsure of the credit hour conversions.

Oh have another one for you. “Sent”. AACOMAS has verfication and completion but they also have sending, which I just found out today. I submitted on June 1, and was verfied like a week later. I thought it was like the AMCAS where they make it available to the schools, but not so, it gets “sent” which didn’t happen for me until this week.

Hi Bailey

Then it kind of begs the question: what happens between verified and sent? Because this can delay the application by quite a few weeks, although you are an early bird (which is very good by the way).

I haven’t got a clue. I think they only send then out in bulk transmission, whereas the ACMAS sends them out as it goes. So they may be waiting to get a bulk together.

The first date that AMCAS sent verified apps to med schools was June 17. Any apps submitted and verified prior to that date were held by AMCAS and then sent out to the indicated med schools on June 17. After June 17, apps are immediately sent out to the schools as they are verified. Maybe it’s a similar process with AOCOMAS?