To CC or not to CC

Sorry for the corny subject line…compulsive, I guess.

I spoke with Brown University Alpert Medical School a few days ago. I have discovered that they have no preference in regards to the origin of the course I take (CC versus 4-year). I’m looking at the school of Pharmacy at the state school, URI, as well as a secondary option (although, in some ways its requirements are just as difficult as a med school). That school’s pre-reqs fall fairly well within med school’s pre-reqs.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to get some people to sound off about this. I know there are other posts about similar situations somewhere, but I’m not sure where. Personally, I’m not sure I should risk this because it could have a drastic effect on my marketability in other schools outside of Rhode Island who aren’t familiar with the correlation between URI and CCRI (the CC here). What do y’all think?

This question comes up monthly! I for one am tired of answering this one…

Sorry if I am blunt…

If you want to take a shot at JUCO prep for med-school then HAVE AT IT, I know of ONLY a few of people out of hundreds who did.

I personally WOULD NOT (and did not) DO that. You will not know if you “got away with it” until you get the “Yea or Nay letter” (are you willing to RISK the whole ship on this?)

Your response is not unexpected. I’ve been on this forum long enough to know what most people’s feelings on that subject are. My apologies if the question came across as ditzy or foolish. It too me by surprise that the only medical school in my state accepts CC credits.

As I said in my post, however, I’m not sure I’m willing to risk my ability to get into other medical schools if I’m not accepted into Brown. I’m aware most other people would not risk, and I don’t think I would either.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

Please pay attention to the following differences:

accepts vs prefers

That difference has been noted. I usually do look at it like that, but I guess I got thrown off track a little bit. You’re right, it’s more to my advantage to work within the confines of what the schools prefer. Thanks for setting me straight.

Medeirosaurus! RI is a small state and they have really few state schools/ universities/ colleges. They realize that with few schools to choose from, people (especially nontrads) might have hard time accommodate to a 4-year-university schedule. They might also know the reputation of the community college you’re talking about/ and other CCs in your state.

The same won’t be true about other states. That’s why I think that if only you can find a way to make 4-year-university route work, do that. It will make you far more marketable and competitive - especially to out of state schools (which I assume as a RI resident you would consider).


Yes, I know. That is the major reason why I have strong reservations about CC courses. I know that, for the most part, CC course are taboo for the hard sciences, I just got overly-excited when I found out that Brown accepted CC courses.

I have no illusions about the situation I would put myself in IF I did do it. Anyway, sorry for the stupid question. I didn’t mean to generate such fuss.