To complete masters or not...

Hello all. I am working on my masters degree in computer science and should graduate next April/May timeframe but as I stated in my introduction here, my heart is not into computers much these days. I really want to knock out my science pre-reqs (only have one chem class so far) so I can start the application process.
My dilemma is whether or not dropping out of the masters program to complete my pre-reqs for medical school would reflect poorly on me to the admissions committees. What do you think?

Hi, Tanak,
I really cannot speak to your question of how adcoms would look at dropping out of a masters program to take pre-reqs. That being said, IMHO, I would think that it would be better to go ahead and finish the program so that it doesn’t look like you are a "quitter."
I do know that if you apply while you are enrolled in a graduate program, you must complete the program before you are allowed to begin medical school in many (if not all) institutions.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

Thanks for your response. I can see how the “quitter” view could be seen. I am doing this program mainly because I didn’t want my VA educational benefits to expire unused. This university is offering this program for the first time online and it has it’s kinks as they try to make the classroom format work online. So goes the life of the non-trad working student with a family to support. Sad part is that my heart really isn’t in it but the appearance of quitting is not a signal I want to send.

Generally, schools would like to see you complete a Masters program. However, I would contact the schools and ask them. It is always better to get the information from the horse’s mouth.

You’re awfully close to the end, so I’d say it’s probably a bad idea to quit now.