To Graduate or Not To Graduate???

I’m very close to graduating with a BS in Finance (just 2 classes after this semester). I’ve been out of school for the past few years and before I took my break I wasn’t doing to well, making about a 2.5 GPA with no science courses taken. Now I’m working hard and making A’s, trying to keep very close to a 4.0 for my remaining classes. I still need to take all of the prereqs for Med School.

My question is this, does it make a difference if I graduate with my Finance degree and then go back to take the undergrad premed prereq courses? I wish we had a post bacc program in the area but we don’t, and I’m unable to move to a school that does for family reasons.


Yes and no. There are pros and cons for doing your prereqs before graduating and after graduating. Right off the top of my head, I can come up with more reasons for doing them before graduating.

Reasons to do them before graduating:

  • Scheduling. Depending on how scheduling works at your school, you could find yourself at a significant disadvantage in trying to schedule the pre-reqs after you've graduated.
  • Financial Aid. It may be easier to get financial aid if you do them before you graduate. The financial aid rules change a little bit once you have a degree.

Reasons to do them after graduating:

  • Separate GPA (maybe). If you take the pre-reqs before graduating, they will go under your original undergrad GPA. If you take them after graduating, there is a category for "post-bacc" courses and you will have an actual "post-bacc" GPA. Of course, this GPA is calculated with your undergrad GPA for an overall GPA. And, if you do them before graduating, they will most likely be on a separate line (i.e. 5th year) anyways. So, I'm not sure this makes a huge difference.

Don't sweat not having a formal post-bacc program to go to.