Too many credits to make a difference

Heres a quick synapse of my situation. I am 37 y/o URM and I have approximately 200+ credits in my academic career. I was a firefighter for over ten years and a paramedic for most of that as well. Here are my stats and my problem. 200 hours volunteer non-clinical, over 20k clinical experience, two years of research experience in psychology, have some leadership experience and I am a veteran. So, the problem is my cGPA is 3.1 at best and sGPA 3.6. No matter how many classes I take it won’t budge. I have not taken the MCAT yet, currently studying for the September test date hoping for a 510. What do I do about my low cumulative gpa. I have done a DIY post bach of approximately 60 credits. Where do I go from here? Plan on only applying to DO schools. My understanding of graduate school goes on a different gpa calculator. My trend was upward postbach, but never was extremely low, so it is not extremely noticeable.

I am trying to apply 2021 cycle to matriculate 2022. What should I do? I don’t have the finances to pay for a graduate program, but if it increases my chances to get in then loans would be worth it. Thank you for the advice about this.

I’m in a similar situation as you and work as a resp therapist. Most of the advice that I’ve gotten is that at this point, it’s not about how high you can get your gpa, it just is what it is so don’t think gpa repair. Think transcript repair, which you’ve done with a strong upward trend in your post bacc and your sgpa is great. I can only realistically get my cgpa up to a 3.1 and sgpa to a 3.3 because I have over 200 credits and my poor grades were over 10 years ago. I have an upward trend of over 90 credits at a 4.0. Will there be some schools that won’t give us the time of day? Sure, but with a strong MCAT I have faith in getting some DO love and being selective in MD schools that reward reinvention

Thank you for the response and pick me up. Do you plan on applying this cycle? I have my MCAT in September and only plan on applying to DO schools. Not sure if that is too late… If I apply to one school as some people suggested to get my application verified prior to September that might help expedite the administrative stuff, not sure if the delayed score would mess with the rolling admissions. When are you applying?