too many marks against me I think, old gpa plus online premed

These are my stats:

BA 1989 sGPA(no math) 2.9, cGPA 2.9(lots of credits)

BSN 1993 cGPA 3.8

MS/MPH 1997 cGPA 4.0

I calculated that even if I get an overall 4.0 in the pre-med series this will only bring me up to a sGPA (no math) 3.4 and a cGPA 3.2.

Also I am posted overseas the next three years and will be taking all of the prereqs with UNECOM and summer compressed schedule courses at a California State University (can’t afford UC).

Is this a slim to none shot? I will be applying to DO schools only as I cannot include math classes without bringing my sGPA down to a 2.3 (!)

Any success stories against these odds?

I think you’re fine if you can explain how you’ve changed since '89… Your grades already reflect that you’re capable of doing well academically, but you need to prove that you can now excel in the sciences as well. Assuming your number make it past whatever auto screening process whatever schools have, your record should look decent to a human being, in my opinion.

I took Orgo I/II and biochem through UNE. Online prereqs will limit where you can apply to but won’t completely prohibit you from applying. More schools are embracing online/CC credits. They aren’t ideal, but they fit your need so it’s what you gotta do.

For nontraditional applicants, GPA/MCAT still matter but don’t forget about the stuff you’ve done/how you’ve grown since undergrad. If you’re military, it doesn’t hurt either. Please don’t compare yourself to the standard 22y/o coming out of undergrad to med school…

DO system offers grade replacement if you want to retake any class that’s driving your GPA down. I think you should stay the course, NOT repeat anything since it has been so long, and now prove to them that you are academically capable, in your current maturity, to handle the sciences. May consider taking an “upper level” course or to to strengthen your case (UNE offers biochem and microbio). I was told by a director of admissions (DO program) that the biochem I took made her happy since I’ve been out of ugrad 10yrs.

Kennymac–this was a good read for me How long do you think is long enough? Last math classes were > 7 yrs ago.

I took 9 classes this last yr with 3.25 cGPA --5 classes(Sociology, 2Stats, Calc,GenCHem) were prereqs with 1 C; last yr. 3.1 sGPA( not counting soc. in sGPA)

I don’t know the answer to that question. I think the key is to show that you have matured and gotten past whatever it was that “caused” you to get poor grades on the first go around. The biggest ways to show that are through your activities and having better grades in the more recent classes. The MCAT is kind of the big equalizer. A strong MCAT can help but won’t necessarily be able to overcome a poor GPA. I can’t stress how important the “whole applicant” is in the app process (at least in my case).

I’m not 100% sure how the DO grade replacement works (like how you prove that the classes are equivalent to what you took), but I believe the low grade doesn’t get counted in your AACOMAS GPA at all. All the classes should still show up on your course records though.