Too much information on test

Maybe I am just being incredibly naive, but here are my thoughts. Hopefully, someone can shed some light here.

Just took my second Biology exam (Evolutionary Bio) and I did not feel confident with any of my answers.

I feel as if we are presented with a glut of information and expected to identify obscure facts and minutiae.

This information cannot possibly remain in the brain for very long.

What is the point of this type of class, (where you learn as much as you can as quickly as you can and then all of that info leaves your brain)?

Is this what med school is like?

From everything I’ve read and heard, med school is FAR worse as EVERY class is like that.

to sum up medical school:

Like trying to drink from a fire hose at full blast.

nuff sed.

Certain classes in medical school will be exactly like this but far more demanding because of volume, schedule, and the fact that many of your classmates will have very little difficulty recalling everything – embrace it.

Scary…I guess I must adapt or be eaten! Thanks for the insight.