Took random pre-req classes while working and did not do well

Hello I was a student with a undergrad in legal studies. After which I worked few years. After while working I took some sciences in local uni in Canada but the job load with classes were to much.

Now I have bunch of classes that have bad grades and some failing. I decided to take my passion more serious back then I didn’t even know about schools looking at old records. Fast forward few years. I moved to USA and decided to do second bachelors. I don’t know now how they will look at my gpa my old bachelors GPA in legal studies was 3.0 and then these classes i took outside a degree are all pre-req science and are horrible.

I don’t know now getting a second bachelors in science is even worth it even though I am getting 3.8 GPA now. I feel like my lack of knowledge of how grades are view made me reckless and even when i was doing bad i just took classes to try them . But it was to much while i worked far and never had taken any science while i decided to jump into hard sciences. I don’t know what to do anymore. Past year i did ton of research and was excited to start 2nd bachelor’s but now I see how all grades have to be submitted. I hope someone has some advice.

There are quite a few videos out there with Dr.Gray talking to some adcoms who really only consider the last 60 hours heavily. There are lots of people who transition into medicine and either do post baccs or they discover medicine half-way through school and make it their mission and priority and they get into medical schools fine with 3.4+.

The reason grades are important is that medical school is like college courses, but on speed. So they want to make sure you can take the course load and speed at which they operate and a good way to judge that is to look at your GPA to see what you can really do.

They will have access to ALL of your coursework though failing, not failing, dropped, etc. Make sure you report it all as well. Make sure to tell your story about your journey to medicine.

Learn concepts in your classes and get ready to take your MCAT and knock it out of the park. It is the great equalizer for medical school admissions.

If this is your dream and what you really want to do, you can absolutely do it, it just takes a lot of work.

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It is possible to get into med school with a past history of bad grades. Reflect on why you want to be a physician, get as close to a 4.0 as possible (especially in the sciences), and crush the MCAT. You can do it if you put your mind to it.

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