Took the MCAT yesterday

I feel like echoing a post I read by dogdays from a while ago. I am disappointed that I had studied for months and brought up the PS section on my practice tests, but the real thing had none of what I studied. I felt rushed on the chemistry and all of the passages were way longer than the practice tests. I feel like I did OK on the VR and BS but I think my PS may only be an 8(I have been fairly accurate at guessing my scores on practices). I have already submitted applications and I fear I may have “submitted prematurely” with a low MCAT that could have been improved with more time spent on the chemistry. Debating retaking. Just feel exhausted and wanted this thing to be done with. The thought of another MCAT and another year of applications is making me want to crawl in bed and not get out. Hope the 7/8 test went better for others.

Hi en0920. I am sorry that you had this experience. I felt exactly the same way as you did. You probably did better than you think you did but if you did score an 8 in PS but you did well in VR and BS, your score cumulative score will probably end up being a reasonable score for the schools where you’ve submitted an application. Take a few days, relax and then reevaluate. I’m in the same boat as you are: I submitted my primaries to a few schools already too even though I haven’t gotten my scores yet. Everybody told me that I needed to get this started so that I wouldn’t be too late in the application cycle.

Also, though I spent A LOT of time studying material that didn’t end up being on the MCAT, my preparation made me feel much calmer during the exam and I was able to focus on the questions. I’m betting that your preparation ultimately helped you achieve a higher score too because it boosted your confidence.

So I thought I bombed the PS section (like a 7) the good news is I got a 9, but I some how bombed the writing ! I got an L i didn’t know that was even possible. Maybe I didn’t save one essay??? Anyway my total is 30 L (PS 9, VR 10, and BS 11). Do you all think I need a retake for MD schools? I have registered for this friday 8/13 and I was going to cancel if I got 30 or over but that L is making me nervous. Just as a reminder of the rest of my application I am a physical therapist with an AMCAS undergrad GPA of 3.54 science and 3.71 overall and a grad GPA of 3.91. Some physical therapy research and great LORs. Should I retake this friday??? Or just go with the “L”? Dont know what happened, verbal and writing is usually my strong area I was getting 13s on VR in all my practice tests, but im nervous if I retake the PS will fall lower. Any quick advice would be appreciated, need to decide by friday of course.

I had a 31M. The only time I’ve heard of medical schools caring about the writing score is if your verbal is low and/or English is not your native language. I wouldn’t risk an otherwise decent score to try and improve the writing score.

Took the MCAT today! I feel ESPECIALLY good about the Biology section! In fact, one question was straight from the EK BY 1001 Questions book! Now all I have to do is complete my application over the weekend and pray for some interviews!!!

Great job!

What is EK BY 1001?


EK = ExamKrackers. They have a series of books with 1001 sample problems for all the science topics and 101 passages for verbal.

That is a good score and I would not retake. Congrats! Take a deep breath, you did good…