I believe you are inquiring about oranges on an apples forum!

Really depends on what you want to do - I think a majority of the people on this forum have a burning desire to learn about the human body and deal with human ailments.

I was once asked by a close friend if I had ever considered vet school and I was affronted/utterly confused by the question. Not because I didn’t understand it, but because I am not wanting to go to med school so people will call me a doctor, or as they say, just for the letters. It is a desire to help better ailing people and reduce their pain/misery/ailment.

I have nothing against animals or Vets but its just not something that ever caught my attention so I never looked into it. Actually I’ve often wondered at the breadth and depth of animal physiology and pathology that vets have to study!

I’m not sure if my ranting even answered any of your query, but it just rang a bell and I had to post!

I am fairly sure that podiatry schools are covered even though they are not specifically listed on the army health scholarship page (though they are listed for the 36 month post-graduate training).

See posting at bottom http://www.careercenter.uiuc.edu/blogs/prehealth/?..


Yes. This has been a bone of contention for DCs, DPMs, and NDs. They are excluded from the armed services’ HPSP and from the NHSC scholarship program. This is moreover because DCs, DPMs, and NDs haven’t been able to convince Congress of their need like the DOs did back in the 1960s.