Total vs. science GPA

Hi All,

Just wondering if all schools look at total and science GPA separately?

If they look at science separately, do they only consider your pre-req. science courses or would they look at other science courses too?


The general answer - every school is different in what they look at, how they filter applications.

As far was what they see - when you fill out your application, you enter courses and grades in the AMCAS application and it computes your grades for you and the schools.

I know that when I entered my social science classes like sociology into AAMCAS, it changed my science GPA. so, I guess it is all science classes. That’s all I know.

Your sGPA counts ALL BCPM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math) courses in AMCAS, no matter when you took them. The cGPA counts ALL courses, no matter when you took them. It also calculates your post-bacc GPA (if applicable), as well as graduate work. Schools see each of these numbers separately (how they decide to weight each is entirely up to them, obv.).

AACOMAS does not count any math courses towards its sGPA. So, your sGPA will vary from AMCAS/AACOMAS, accordingly.