totally screwed

well I don’t know where to start.

I took organic chemistry over six weeks over the summer. I am registered to sit my MCAT’s on August 20th. I still need to take orgo 2 but I had already spoke to the medical school I wanted to get into and they said as long as i am done before matriculation. They told me I could even be admitted without completion but my acceptance would be contingent of passing organic chem.

I finished my application was going to submit on June 1st but because I didn’t do well on the first test in organic I thought I would hold off til I knew I was going to pass.

The day before the second test I got laid off from my job ( posted about that in a different topic) I also manageage to then herniate a disc in my back and had been suffering from a large amount of pain.

I needed a 58 on the final to get a C in the class. I didn’t think that would be a problem. I have submitted my medical school application last week. AACOMAs already has me verified.

Grades posted today and i am completely mortified that I recieved a D in the class. I have never every failed a class before. I have a masters degree. I have a 3.47 gpa and I failed a class.

I am at an utter loss as what to do. Do I continue to study for my MCATs and take them? I have already registered and paid for them.

I will reschedule to take organic chem in fall and orgo 2 in spring. If there is a chance in hell I would be accepted I would be complete with all the required classes.

Do you think they would even consider interviewing me?



Ok. Start by taking a breath and calming down. There is some damage control that needs to get done. There are schools that will not accept anything less than a C in a pre-requisite course. You may have to retake the class. You can still apply and should you be called to an interview, just mention that you are currently retaking the class.

There may be no other alternative. But if this is just 1 class, considering your recent life events, I would not disregard any possible interviews where this can be explained.

Just hang in there.