Touro Nevada

After much consternation I have decided to get on the fast track! UNLV has a fast-track program with Touro Nevada. Check it out here.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

The accelerated program for earning the baccalaureate and medical degrees:

1.Complete three years of required coursework and service experience

2. Take the MCAT after the sophomore year

3. Apply to medical school during junior year

4. Matriculate following completion of junior year

6. Reduce time required to earn the undergraduate and medical degrees from eight years to seven

A. Maintain a 3.5 science and cumulative gpa.

B. Achieve a score of 24 or higher on the MCAT with no subset scores lower than 8

Now I need to get my GPA up (currently 3.1) but I have taken an MCAT before (expired) and achieved a 36-O. I believe I can either duplicate this score or get in the 32-36 range with an acceptable score on the WS. Living here in Las Vegas I would love to stay here and go to school instead of moving to Reno. Since I plan on Family Medicine (w/Obstetrics) here in town I want to stay here.

Question. Is this a sound decision. From what I gathered, on the fast-track if I meet all the criteria I am somewhat guaranteed a spot at Touro Nevada. Is this too much of putting my eggs in one basket or should I keep a more general approach to apply to more programs?

All the combined BS/MD, assured admission, early admission, guaranteed admission, accelerated admission (like at Kirksville, Temple U, Western U, Missouri-Kansas City, Boston U, Brown U, etc.) programs I’ve encountered require at least three years in residence at the selected undergraduate college where candidates will be intensely scrutinized during that period. If candidates perform well during this period, they usually will be allowed admission to the follow on medical school.

All of these types programs will NOT allow candidates to transfer in college credit in order to shave off the required undergraduate scrutinization period. Most of these type of programs will only admit recent high school graduates.

I concur with above. The info on that page and what I can find from a quick web search do not clarify who this program is geared towards. Most of these programs are geared towards high school students. I would see if you can find a real person to talk to about this program and see if you even qualify for it.