Transcription services

Does anyone have any experiences hiring or evaluating transcription services? I am drowning in notes and need to be able to dictate again. I am going to be paying out-of-pocket. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Tara. I might be able to help. Between residents and faculty we have about 40 physicians dictating in our clinic, so we have to farm a lot of it out. It’s all done via email – dictations are digital and transcriptions are in Word, so you can dump them into your EMR templates. The contractors we use are fast and for the most part accurate. I’ll get you some contact numbers if you’re interested.

Any info would be sooooo greatly appreciated!! Thanks

The company we use is out of Atlanta, Inservice Transcription Services. Best way to get them is online, I also know someone here in Augusta who transcribes for local docs; I’ll check w/her on Monday to see if she is taking new clients.

Just wanted to send an update. Am now using Dragonspeak to dictate my notes. I am also learning to use the transcription feature where you record your transcription as an audio file and the program transcribes it later. A good option when formal transcription is not available or your don’t need the formal finishing that a transcription service would provide.

We’ll see how it works over the long-term, but so far, I am much more efficient.

Yes, I know Transcription Star doing this… I often go to Transcription Star for my transcription requirement. You may try Transcription Star.