Hello everyone, I am new to this site and have a question about my transcripts and hope I can get some insight. I’m still taking my GE classes and have done well on the classes I have completed, but I have 10 “W’s” (withdrawls)from 2001 to current. How seriously are my chances of getting accepted into Med school with these W’s on my transcripts? Again, these W’s are from my GE courses not science or pre med courses.

Withdrawals, regardless of whether in science courses or not, do affect how adcoms will look at your application. That being said, you can overcome them. You will need a very strong effort to get incredibly good grades (gear for all A’s) and show that the academic difficulties were in your past and that you’ve determined how to overcome them. In addition, a strong performance on the MCAT will help convince them of your abilities.

Stay focused and committed!