I’m a sophmore at NYU as a pre-med and all of our sciences are equivalent to honors courses. While this sounds extremely impressive, many people in the program fail out (atleast that I know of). My GPA of 3.32 isn’t horrible but I know I need to bring it up. My Calculus I and II grades are both A- but my Chem I grade is a B+. I am considering transferring to another college where the curriculum is not as intense but I have heard that Medical schools do not favor those that have credits from more than one college. I’m asking for anyone’s advice on this topic. Thanks a lot


You should have a good reason to transfer; at least, you should be able to explain convincingly to an admissions committee during the interview process why you decided to transfer–you wanted to study with a particular professor, they offered more financial aid, etc. Telling them that you heard you could make an easier A is not going to impress them overly.

I haven’t heard that med schools dislike credits from > 1 college per se; lots of us nontrads have taken courses all over the place, stopped and restarted our bachelors programs, moved to different parts of the country, etc. I think they really like to see some idea of your commitment once you decide what you really want to do.

Your grades don’t sound too bad so far, and if your courses prepare you to do pretty well on the MCAT you stand a pretty good chance of getting in somewhere. Best of luck,

Laura, I have now been in higher education for 8 thrilling years, so I really feel qualified to give you a little advice.

Do you have other reasons for leaving than the difficulty of the coursework? Because this material, premedical science, is INTRINSICALLY difficult.

There is so much to be said for the continuity in a) the friendships you make, b) carrying through your extracurriculars to your senior year, where you get to have interesting decision-making power, c) taking MULTIPLE courses with the SAME professors who will see how much you have grown as a scholar and be able to write intelligent recommendations and d) staying in New York City, where you have access to the best internships and such.

So I just ask you to take it easy and investigate if there are other avenues you can take short of such a drastic step. This site is filled with a lot of tips about bringing up marks (not that yours are real low, but still)-- tips on memorization, group study-- so search the archives for guidance.

Good luck!


Laura, Med schools see transcripts with multiple colleges on them (often summer school course work elsewhere, post-bacc work, etc). So this shouldn’t be an issue. What can be an issue, however, is going from a school known to be rigorous (as NYU is) to a school which may have a less rigorous reputation. AdComms do pay attention to where you received your ugrad degree. Matt brings up some thoughtful considerations.