Transferring Schools

Do medical schools only take a specific number of students from their own under graduate program, or was that just a myth I was told?
I recently went to a small private college, and I later noticed that if I had gone to the state school, university of Iowa, I would have transferred 41 credits of A’s to build up my GPA. Is this enough to transfer colleges to get a better chance for medical school at the University of Iowa?

There is not a straight forward answer to this. For many medical schools, it’s not a specific number but most schools want their entering class to be from different undergrad institutions to add diversity. Medical schools are not very transparent on how many matriculants came from their undergrad.

Now specifically for your situation. Iowa medical school gives strong preference to in-state applicants. You did not explicitly say that you are an Iowa resident but I am assuming you are. If you are in-state to begin with then I would say that it probably isn’t worth transferring credits especially if your GPA at the small school is solid. The median GPA at Iowa (based off of MSAR) is 3.8 but it goes as low as 3.4/3.5. Those on the lower end of the spectrum are usually in-state residents. Hope this helps!