Transmission Date?

Does anyone know the 1st date AMCAS begins to transmit to med schools? I thought I read somewhere that it was July 1st, but I can't find that info anywhere on the site.

Has anyone been sitting in processed/not yet trasmitted mode? I have been there for 2 weeks. Should I call someone?
Why are they sitting on their heels?

When I was applying back in 2001, I remember calling AMCAS and getting recorded answers to some of the most common issues, such as application processing, etc. You might want to give that a try. Otherwise, you have the option to wait to talk to a person that can answer your question. However, I remember sitting on hold for over 45 min (and the number was long distance not toll free), so make sure you ask many questions that you might have (i.e. verify transcript receipt) to get the biggest bang for your buck.
Hope this helps,

The schools will not download until July 15th, go to SDN someone posted a message from AMCAS about this issue…